Mistake to avoid while playing poker

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Playing Poker

Professional players take years to master the traditional game of poker. They have to comprehend the unspoken rules of poker and master the art of bluffing. They learn how to deduce the tell of others and read their minds through their body language in a short period and make a decision.

Professional players

But everyone learns from their mistakes. Mistakes play an important role in the learning process. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes and not to repeat them again and again. A player can only avoid a mistake when they can identify them. not everyone has the opportunity or luck to learn poker under the tutelage of an honest player.

Therefore, this article will walk you through some common mistakes that should be avoided while playing poker.

Do not play loose

Players try to become smart and play too many hands. It is a sign of your weak will as it holds you back from folding a weak hand. Knowing when to withdraw is also an art. Some may think of it as boring but it is important to let go of a game that you know you cannot win. Initially, play selective hands to administer your authenticity and seriousness at the table. This helps you in playing a smart bluff.

Do not play too tight

Following a rule to the letters is also considered dangerous. Some players take the first advice too seriously and play too tight. They play very few hands and fold each time they have a doubt. It is a sign of weakness. A bluff master can easily identify your weakness and make you fold even when he is really bluffing. So, you should always maintain the balance of playing a real hand and making a bluff.

Not maintaining surprise

Some players either play every hand or bluff too much. They are a way to expressive for a poker player and reveal them tell very easily. Poker can be played with many strategies. Do not stick yourself to one style of playing. In one game you may play while considering odds, in another game you may give your hand a chance to bluff or play tight. You may have a few games just to enjoy and without thinking too much, just go with your gut.


Beginners try to play different strategies and stick to the one that made them win a lot of money. They change their style but after they have lost a significant amount at the table. Your playing style should change according to your opponents and the mood of the game. If your opponent is playing aggressive, you need not match his excitement and take advantage of his gameplay by playing your best hand.

While playing online, you should also pay attention to HUDs or heads-up display that reveals the playing style of each player.

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